Values: Safety


To close out this series about our values, we chose to go with a value that is so important in our world. Safety. This transcends the introspective and extrospective spheres of life but also plays into how we perform in our jobs, relationships, decisions, etc. It is vital to our progression as not only a community, but as individual gay beings. Safety is integral to us here at The Gayly Dose. We will always put safety first when we express our thoughts and opinions about ANY topic because it is that important. 

Whether it’s a conversation about sex or voting, understanding that the space you explore is safe is the only way to maximize the efficiency in getting a message across. When safety is bypassed, so too is the forward motion of humanity. 

We have to forever be mindful of safety if we want to progress as a community. We vow to be champions of safety in everything that we do. We do it for the Dolls! 

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