Meet the Cast

Get a dose of this stunning and talented Cast & Crew. Learn more about these men and their unique voices. Glamorous, smart and alway fun, they are the talent behind the powerful conversations only heard on The Gayly Dose.

Helmut Lucero Domagalski

Founding Chief Executive Officer and Host

For starters, it’s Doe-mah-gal-skee. It’s also Hell-Moot. If what’s in a name means EVERYTHING, need we say more?

A native Texan who is Latina/Native American on his mom’s side and first-generation German Polish on his dad’s side, Helmut was born into this world ready to do things differently.

A father of three beautiful daughters, Helmut came out 10 years ago after a decade of marriage. While happy, he admits to having days of profound internal struggle. After working hard at self-discovery, he landed at a more authentic version of himself while preserving his relationship with his girls without compromise.

A biomedical engineer with a Kellogg MBA, Helmut has spent most of his professional career in healthcare technology including a stint abroad in Germany. His executive leadership skills have translated into the launch of a brand and a podcast that he hopes is a gathering place for gay men who deserve a better conversation.

When he’s not discussing the next best episode of The Gayly Dose, look for Helmut with his girls at PIedmont Park; hiking for therapy in the mountains; enjoying fanciful (his adjective!) dinners with dearest friends … or none of the above … and he’s simply at home practicing his disco moves.

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Bennett Schnyder

Founding Chief Sound Editor and Host

Known as the sound guy, Bennett is as tuned into The Gayly Dose listeners as he is in his everyday life. A self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, he’s gay and keeps up with his multitude of likes including radio broadcasting, musical theatre, studying diversity and inclusion practices, event management, cooking, and interior design.

Born the youngest of three boys in Panama City, Florida to parents who were Officers in the Salvation Army, his childhood was an active one in an all-boy household and Bennett knew early on that he was different from his brothers. His parents raised him with a strong Christian faith and unconditional love and acceptance, but it took Bennett a long time to accept his sexuality.

Bennett is the voice on the cast that everyone can relate to. He brings that personable “I’ve been there” commentary to the mix. And he’s kind’ve adorable, let’s be honest …

In The Gayly Dose studio, he’s the technical ‘go to’ for the show and when out with his friends, he’s also that ‘go to’ for welcoming all, making the connections and keeping it real.

Look him up on Instagram: @GaylyBennett

Stuart Terrell

Founding Chief Sales Officer and Host

And then the podcast Gods said, “Let there be Stuart.” 

Born and raised Southern in rural Georgia, with THAT flag waving and the only child of deeply religious (and very Conservative, with an ‘R’) parents, he spent a lot of time mostly alone in his environment. The silver lining were the horses, the dogs and the other abundant wildlife that showed him love and protection.

Fast forward and he’s celebrating 20 years with his partner, including a wedding in 2018. They live in midtown Atlanta with their two dogs, Cooper and Roary. 

Along the way he took a wrong turn and ended up in Paris where he was enlightened to the world of corporate hotel sales and since has spent most of his career traveling the globe and creating a successful career in that industry. 

For now, please listen to Stuart bring it each week to The Gayly Dose. And yes, there’s always a little something in that sweet tea he sips from. Drop the mic, y’all.

While his e-presence has mostly been sold at auction, you can hunt for him on Instagram: @stulit2

Dante Rhodes

Founding Chief Host and Lifestyle Expert

A lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, Dante influences all things fashion week to the best of restaurant reports from the ATL and beyond. And yes, there’s truth to the rumor that he’s a direct descendant of African Royalty. We had a feeling the Queen was destined for his crown. 

A native Atlantan, he describes his southern upbringing as lively and loving but also centered around a church-going faith that did not support his inevitable gay manifestation. Always the rebel, he leveraged his quick wit and faith in self to come out and ultimately live his best life. 

Dante’s fresh perspective brings life to each and every episode and while he’s the youngest of the squad, his soul is forever wise. 

#Social is in his DNA and when he’s not cast bantering with Helmut, he’s no doubt refining his palate and curating his personal collection of wine and tequila.

For your Dante fix, stalk him on Twitter: @thedanterhodes

Erika Smith

Vice President, Social Media Strategy

The token single, straight female, Erika is not only crafting all things social for the brand, she often finds herself loving the fact that she’s just that. THE ONLY GIRL IN THE ROOM.  Hello, dream (side) hustle! 

After studying journalism and fashion merchandising at UGA, an unforgettable three years living and working in fashion in Manhattan – and most recently – a marketing whiz in the corporate world, Erika launched her very own social media consultancy. She’s also an avid style and travel blogger.

When you become addicted to all things #TheGaylyDose, please send all complaints directly to @Erika. You’re very welcome. 

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Holt McCarley

Chief Music Producer

New to Atlanta but not to the world of music, Holt was quick to join The Gayly Dose family and they are equally honored to have this talented music man along for the ride. Each episode begins and ends with a jingle that Holt produced and designed to further elevate The Gayly Dose experience.

At an early age, Holt taught himself to play his favorite tunes on the piano by ear. He felt then, as he knows now, that his true calling lay somewhere tucked behind those ivory keys. Holt has honed his natural talent for composing by collaborating with a variety of filmmakers and content creators throughout the country; in addition to completing his two degrees in music from Furman University and University of Missouri – Kansas City. His commitment and passion for his craft can be heard loud and clear. 

By day, Holt enjoys building genuine connections with midtown Atlanta’s finest residents through the world of property management. At night, you may find him scoring music to an independent film, noodling away on the piano, or chasing down his cat children Bou and Willow for cuddles.

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Troy McCleve

Chief Marketing Officer

As the Rocky Mountain addition, Troy’s definitely in charge of getting the party started. Based in Salt Lake City, he leads the marketing of the brand and synching the team to foster the best messaging. His fabulous and unforgettable hair definitely helped his audition.

Troy has worked as a marketer for 10+ years for small to mid-sized companies in healthcare, finance, employee benefits, non-profit and more. He’s always got something keeping him busy and creative!

Troy met Helmut when they worked together for a Salt Lake City startup, and quickly discovered they had very similar stories of coming out. A self-declared ‘late bloomer,’ Troy came out in his early 30s after 10 years of marriage. His ex-wife and 5 children remain critical to his support network, and he counts himself very fortunate for that!

When not obsessing over branding, websites or mailing lists, Troy is most likely spending time with his partner, Ryan and their animals; traveling, or spending time with friends and family as often as possible.

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