Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

Get a dose of this stunning and talented cast! Learn more about these individuals and their unique voices. Glamorous, smart and alway fun, they are the talent behind the powerful conversations only heard on The Gayly Dose.

Helmut Lucero Love

Helmut Lucero Love (he/him)

Founding CEO and Host

For starters, it’s also Hell-Moot. Lucero is Light and he touts Love from his chosen family, Kylie Sonique Love – one one Georgia’s reigning queens. If what’s in a name means EVERYTHING, need we say more?

A native Texan who is Latina/Native American on his mom’s side and first-generation German Polish on his dad’s side, Helmut was born into this world ready to do things differently.

A father of three beautiful daughters, Helmut came out 10 years ago after a decade of marriage. While happy, he admits to having days of profound internal struggle. After working hard at self-discovery, he landed at a more authentic version of himself while preserving his relationship with his girls without compromise.

A biomedical engineer with a Kellogg MBA, Helmut has spent most of his professional career in healthcare technology including a stint abroad in Germany. His executive leadership skills have translated into the launch of a brand and a podcast that he hopes is a gathering place for gay men who deserve a better conversation.

When he’s not discussing the next best episode of The Gayly Dose, look for Helmut with his girls at PIedmont Park; hiking for therapy in the mountains; enjoying fanciful (his adjective!) dinners with dearest friends … or none of the above … because he’s simply at home practicing his disco moves.

Get an Extra Dose of Helmut @helmutsmiles on Instagram or Twitter.

Dante Adonis Rhodes (they/them)

Founding Host

A lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, Dante influences all things Fashion Week to the best of restaurant reports from the ATL and beyond. And yes, there’s truth to the rumor that they are a direct descendant of African Royalty. We had a feeling the Queen was destined for their crown. 

A native Atlantan, they describe their southern upbringing as lively and loving but also centered around a church-going faith that did not support their inevitable gay manifestation. Always the rebel, they leveraged their quick wit and faith in self to come out and ultimately live their best life. 

Dante’s fresh perspective brings life to each and every episode and while they’re the youngest of the squad, their soul is forever wise. 

#Social is in their DNA and when they’re not cast bantering with Helmut, they are no doubt refining their palate and curating their personal collection of wine and tequila. Let’s pray they have a lock on that cabinet.

For your Dante fix, stalk them on Instagram or Twitter: @thedanterhodes

Diane Crow (she/her)


Our Trans Mother – Diane brings the wisdom of her many experiences to our family. A parent to five children, Diane came into her best-self as a trans woman during COVID – and she did it with a bang.

With an engineering background, Diane has a very successful career in videography, sound and photography; she even had a stint as a comedian. All of these skills are greatly appreciated by us here at the Gayly Dose.

Leading The Diane Crow show, Diane speaks directly to her trans community on a weekly basis. In her free time, she is an avid thrift shopper – elating in sharing her fantastic finds with friends and fans on social media!

Find her on Instagram @thedianecrow

Jake Jonez (he/him)


Known as Jakey, he’s no average Jonez. A quick glance will convince most listeners how he made the Season 2 audition. A native from the A – as in Alpharetta (Georgia) – Jake jokes that he’s a small personality from a small town. 

His Georgia State studies in accounting, management and sociology led him to the start of his career. Dancer by night, his day jobs in entertainment are the ideal combination to fuel his influencing ways across all his well-followed social platforms. 

Much of him is bombastic, yet all of him is annoying. He can tell you anything about any car on the street and update you on the most underrated pop stars currently on the scene.

Find him on Instagram @jjakejonezz and Jake Jonez on YouTube

Ginger Nichols (she/her)


Ginger is her name but football is her game. 

A native of Southeast Tennessee, Ginger roots for the Vols on Saturday and the Falcons on Sunday. No matter the season or the sport, The Dose welcomes her to our Season 3!

No stranger to the Podcast stream scene, Ginger co-hosted “Let’s Chat” with Marci Alt which launched in 2021 on Peach Media. Similar to The Dose, they invited guests to chat candidly about topics of interest to Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ community. Since the best things come full circle, Ginger and Marci are reuniting as new cast members on The Gayly Dose, Season 3.  

As a teen, Ginger worked for the family business at their bridal, prom and pageant shop in her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It’s most likely there where she honed her sales and marketing skills as she guided clients through their prom-posals, parade waves, and walks down the aisle. 

Those big life moments have crossed over to Ginger’s successful real estate career. She is all things consumer tech, a certified nerd, and loves sharing home theater pro tips with her clients. Home is always where her heart is and that’s where you can find her spending time with her wife, Jamie, in their home garden and with their three dogs and three rescue cats. 

Find her @gingerprado2 on TikTok

Marci Alt (she/her)

Co-host member and producer

A self-proclaimed badass, this cast member is known for her publishing ventures.

Marci founded Atlanta’s Gay Community Yellow Pages and the Gayborhood. She’s a proud freedom fighter and when not lending her sage voice to the Dose, she’s being “Mapa” to her teenage children and spending time with Alisa, her partner of five years.

She can also be found at local farmer’s markets as MaPa’s Matzoh Ball Soup and Nosh. Rumor has it that the kugel, knishes and latkes are equally as bad ass as their maker.

Find her on IG @askthelesbo or @mapasmatzohballs

Michael Bullock (he/him)

Co-host member

His name is Michael. He’s black. He’s beautiful. He’s straight. Most noteworthy, he’s an Ally. 

He brings a voice that’s his. He brings a voice that’s fearless. He brings a voice that’s important.

Offline, he’s a seasoned sales executive with a discipline for strategy and analytics. Online, he’s that cast member who everyone crushes on. Spoiler Alert: Dante might legit share his stage in Season 3.

Originally from The District as in DC Metro, Mike has called the ATL his home since 2010. Married with two amazing young sons, they enjoy traveling and spending quality time as a family in between Mike’s passion for cycling.

Lesson of The Dose? Mike. Like him, be like him.

Find him on IG @xuscorpio

Daniel Passarielo (he/him)

Co-host member

Our global gay, Daniel is multi-citizen, multilingual and multi-multi.

His passport reads as follows: born in Miami; raised by parents of Italian and Venezuelan descent; graduated from high school in Italy; and currently cultivating his career in the ATL. He also speaks three languages.

Always enterprising, Daniel brings the voice of a well-cultured soul and a self-taught success story as he joins the cast of Season 3.

His professional background is rooted in the financial industry. But what he’s perhaps most proud of is his post-Pandemic journey. Like many, Daniel has struggled with body shaming and the insecurity that comes with it. No matter the amount of success he reached in his personal or professional pursuits, his physique was the one thing he could not get past. And then Covid happened. He took advantage of the time given to him and took to learning everything he could around nutrition and fitness. The result? He’s lean, he’s mean (in the best way!), and he’s healthy. He also launched a business to boot.

Daniel’s quote sums it up right here: “We are all magical. We just need to be open to share our magic with others and accept a little magic back.”

Find him on IG: @danielpassariello or @danielnuthletics

Bernardo Louveau (he/him)

Co-host member

Bernardo “Boho Jesus” Louveau was nicknamed by friends on a trip to Fire Island. He was born in Lima, Peru with French, Italian, Spanish, and Peruvian heritage. He has a passion for travel, cuisine, learning to DJ, and living life to the fullest.

After visiting Atlanta for many years, he enthusiastically made the move to Atlanta after receiving a job offer he couldn’t turn down. In 2016, he met the love of his life, soulmate, and now husband, Brady Louveau.

After two decades working in senior management, sales, finance and mortgage lending, he decided to leave his cushy corporate job in pursuit of his real passion of coaching.

Boho Jesus helps others find purpose by embracing their authenticity and unlocking their inner magic. He is also the creator and host of “Finding Your Magic,” a podcast that highlights remarkable people in the LGBTQ+ community. The show provides a platform where they share how they found their purpose and tapped into their magic.

In addition to coaching, he helps run Brady Mills LLC, one of the top digital marketing and web development agencies in the nation, alongside his husband who is the founder and CEO.

After several life-changing experiences and a brush with death, he was pushed to take a leap of faith and begin coaching full time. Seeing his life flash before his eyes, it became clear that he had a mission and purpose to live more authentically while helping others do the same.

Boho Jesus is your sounding board, friend, and mentor. He’ll guide you through life’s rough patches and help you become the embodiment of your truest, most authentic, and magical self.

Find him on IG: @bernardolouveau or @bohojesusofficial

The Crew

None of this would be possible without the help of our amazing crew as well. Special thanks to the following:

Nancy Tao (she/her)
Public Relations

Troy McCleve (he/him)
Chief Marketer
Instagram: @dtroymcleve

Diane Crow (she/her)
Instagram: @duanestork

Jamie Tao (she/her)
Sound/Video Editing 
Instagram: @jamie_tao

Jeremiah Robinson (he/him)
Clinical Provider
Instagram: @beardandcompass

Ethan Baloy (he/him)
Social Media Strategy
Instagram: @ethanbaloy

Holt McCarley (he/him)
Instagram @holtmccarley.mp3