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  • Musing on Fetishes with Perspective

    Musing on Fetishes with Perspective by Helmut Domagalski Fetishes and kinks, as evidenced by the observed world, are naturally occurring and represent yet another way in which we humans can […]

  • A Dose of Perspective

    A Dose of Perspective Patrick Mizelle is a delightful, engaging man that shares what life is like on the verge of 69 and gay!  Whether discussing retirement, savings, romance, widowhood, […]

  • A Dose of Fetishes

    A Dose of Fetishes Join us with Brandon Kennedy, therapist and owner of the Reegür app, and therapist Jonathan Standish, who both specialize in kink and fetish, as we discuss […]

  • Musing on Gender

    Musing on Gender By Helmut Domagalski Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be raised as a child, with nothing but absolute encouragement to express what comes […]

  • A Dose of Gender

    A Dose of Gender Diane Crow and Christi Harold are two women who have come to love their feminine selves.  One a trans woman; the other a cross dresser – […]

  • A Dose of Joining Heart

    A Dose of Joining Hearts Jerry Henderson – gay, father, black, and 7-year president of Joining Hearts, has uniquely led from his intersection one of our very important Atlanta organizations […]

  • A Dose of Fur Babies

    Vet friend Charlie Rehm and Atlanta sweetheart CJ Casteel join the Dose to talk about their love of everything pet. While just a dog to some, understand how much gayly […]

  • A Dose of Politics

    A Dose of Politics Openly gay elected state representatives Sam Park (10th district) and Matthew Wilson (80th district) and appointed Atlanta director of LGBTQ+ affairs Malik Brown share their perspectives […]

  • A Dose of Todrick Hall

    A Dose of Todrick Hall Todrick Hall shares his challenges and dreams at the intersection of “not just gay, not just black, but just human.” Understand how too easily we […]

  • A Dose of Daddy Issues

    A Dose of Daddy Issues The range and style of relationships within the gay community that play on the familial is extensive. We are joined by dear friend to the […]