A Dose of Daddy Issues

A Dose of Daddy Issues

The range and style of relationships within the gay community that play on the familial is extensive. We are joined by dear friend to the dose, Aaron Harris, and new friend therapist Jon Standish to weigh in on their experiences.

Have you ever enjoyed a Daddy-boy fetish in the bedroom. Why does taboo scenario appeal to us as humans? What are the boundaries of it that are safe and effective and which are not?

What about “Parental” roles in a relationship? In which “father and son” take on aspects that include guiding and learning – as some relationship age spans often encourage. When can these be healthy arrangement? and when might we consider altering them?

Guest Aaron Harris – Friend of the Dose

And finally, what about chosen Father/Big Brother scenarios in which platonic older gays take on a mentoring and protective role for gay youth that simply need safe places to experience, learn and grow?

A lot of our father need is bourn out of a generation of gay men that are indeed missing. With a wipe out from the HIV AIDS crisis that left many of our would be fathers pre-maturely missing from our social fabric – this dialog is one that is timely and will continue to be a defining characteristic of how we proceed as a gay culture going forward.

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