Values: Fun and Candor

Fun & Candor 

Once you hear one episode of this podcast, you will immediately know why we are mentioning these two specific words as indicative of who we are as a collective cast. The words carry such lively under and over tones that we don’t struggle to exhibit when we not only record our episodes, but operate as gay people in the world on an everyday basis. Deservedly, they each carry the weight of their own meaning and, if you keep reading, you’ll know exactly why they mean so much to us…


WOOHOO! It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gay people congregating all at once in the same space. Well, My Dolls, this is exactly what our podcast is! It’s at the intersection of intriguing thoughts and taboo ideas and when they meet, it becomes this overflowing mess of fun. That’s the magic of TGD … when you put fun first, the end result is one that everyone is excited about.


Being candid is key to being authentic because you are speaking in the moment about the moment. This is also key to being YOU! Think pictures…you always love the photos that people call candid. It’s when you are caught in the moment laughing about something hilarious  you saw on Yvonne Oriji’s comedy special last night; or when you’re at a protest advocating alongside your brothers and sisters and maybe you’re second guessing what’s happening because you are standing in your truth. This is what being candid is all about – standing in your truth. 

Doing this on our podcast allows for our Dolls to double click into what we’re talking about because we speak on topics from a real-world perspective. As a collective, we embody an authentic experience and speak to it and sometimes speak for others who may be hesitant or just not ready.

Candor is beautiful. Candor is powerful. Candor is The Gayly Dose. 

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