By Bennett Schnyder

In the US, nudity is widely regarded as taboo and wrong. But when you take a look around the world, nudity is normalized to a degree Americans simply don’t understand at times; We just can’t comprehend. In Europe, it’s fairly normal to see nudity on TV and billboards. Go out sunbathing or take a trip to the public sauna and you’ll see how much more relaxed Europeans are when it comes to nudity.

Here in the states, I remember the first time I saw a pair of boobs on TV when my parents were in the room: Awwwwkwarddddd. But why is that the default? It is simply based on societal norms that have been ingrained in us since childhood. So, years later, when I took a trip to a nude public bathhouse here in Atlanta, I felt a certain kind of way. Is this morally right? Will I “measure up” to the others? How will it feel afterward? Tune into this week’s Gayly Dose Episode to find out.

Speaking of this week’s episode, we talked to Mr. GNI 2019. GNI stands for Gay Naturists International, whose mission is to “serve as a resource to male naturists by hosting and sponsoring men’s naturist events and providing information and resources to individuals and local clubs.” They host a yearly ten-day retreat for gay naturists in the Poconos in Eastern Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes from New York. The details of the retreat are fascinating… you HAVE to listen. It all makes me wonder if I’ll take the plunge and book my trip this year…

Oh, and one last thing, to the ones saying that nudity is “wrong” or a “sin”, gimme a break. We are all born nekked as a jaybird. And even Adam and Eve, who are famously free of sin, were nude; Unashamed of their bodies. I say we strive to be more like them… except maybe replace Eve with a Steve. Or replace Adam with Erin, for you lesbians. So, strip it down, dolls. You may just discover how much you like it!

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