Motivation to Masturbate

Motivation to Masturbate

By Bennett Schnyder

Can changing your masturbation habits help expand your dating pool? This week’s guest on The Gayly Dose thinks so!

The gay dating pool is already so limited. Think about it: gay/bisexual males make up around 2-3 percent of the US population. Take out those that are in a relationship or have conflicting values, and you’re limiting yourself exponentially. Then take out “preferences” like body type, income, height, ect. and you’re down to a percent of a percent of eligible bachelors. When you have a “racial preference”, your perfect man may truly be a unicorn, only existing in your imagination. 

As a white man who grew up in the south, I was raised (aka brainwashed) to believe that other races were inferior to some degree. I don’t believe my parents were racist but they definitely held some problematic views on race. As an adult, I view it as my mission to “undo” these biases that have been instilled in me. 

But, even then, I haven’t dated anyone other than white man. And I brushed it off as “preference” for years. But when I allowed myself to be honest with myself, I think that is a direct reflection of my upbringing. Racial preference isn’t a preference; It’s a racist tendency. 

So I say give it a try. Try expanding your horizons by masturbating to people that don’t look like your “type”. Who knows, your “the one” may not look like you thought they would. And wouldn’t the real tragedy be if you never found them because of your own small mindedness?

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