Living your best Lifestyle

Living your best Lifestyle

By Dante Rhodes

When you think of the word ‘lifestyle’, what are some things that come to mind? For me, I think career, finances, leisure, traveling, and other things of that nature. These are the mediums as to which you conduct living – how you spend your time awake. 

Your lifestyle is a conglomerate of the things you do, whether you enjoy them or not. Parts of your lifestyle will easily fall into several buckets. You might share these buckets with others who express the same lifestyle activities. Along with that comes the things that influence your lifestyle choices. These include but aren’t limited to your cultural background, location, health, wealth, etc. Understanding how they move and operate in your life can help you better manipulate your lifestyle. Understanding how some buckets (work, school) can overwhelm and take control of your life (friends, family, fun) can be beneficial in the long run. Keeping a balanced lifestyle will go far for your mental health.

Personally speaking, I put a lot of effort into executing my ideal lifestyle. I allocate time for deepening the relationships in my life by building out schedules with room for adjustment. I work in an industry that will eventually allow me to support raising a family. I dedicate a certain amount of my finances toward nurturing my wants and needs like wine, subscription services, etc. These are just a few of the ways I live my best life.

In our recent episode about Lifestyle, Daniel Martini also takes some time to talk about the things that make his lifestyle unique. Things like his career in real estate, his integration into gay-lanta, and more. His scope provides so much insight to how many, many people like him live and exist in these similar spaces. 

Thinking about yourself – what makes your lifestyle unique? Are you doing what makes you happy? Make sure to keep track of your own progression in life and put things into play that mesh well with your goals & future plans. Don’t lose yourself in the lifestyle, honey!

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