Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

By Dante Adonis Rhodes

As you all heard in our episodes about motherhood, you know how important a bond between a mother and her child can be. And whether it be a mother by blood or one bonded by life, the sacrifices that they make for their children are some that go beyond what many would even flinch at doing. On Mother’s Day, we give so much thanks to all the mothers out there who lift us up day in and day out.

From a very young age, even from inception, our mothers are there to make sure we survive. And while there are people who don’t necessarily succeed at that mothering role, there is someone near and dear who will try their hardest to fulfill that role once they recognize that void. These people, these mentors, these generous souls really deserve a lot of love and respect for their role in young people’s lives. The abandonment of one by their mother can be scary and potentially dangerous depending on the age. Having someone there to take you in and help build you up as a person is invaluable. 

Happy Mother’s Day

Whether it’s a mother in her drag house or your biological mawma, today, we show them love. We thank them for their unbelievable strength and sacrifice, and hope that they never leave our side.

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