Fashion Talk

Fashion Talk

By Dante Adonis Rhodes

I’m a world full of flaunters and faux pas, people search everyday to find where they fall on the fashion spectrum. Style, taking it a step further, is always a never ending journey of finding oneself. Whether you’re into patterns one day, and find corduroy ugly the next, it is a story about who you are. Fashion, while it doesn’t define you, does the job of presenting a nonverbal introduction about yourself. 

Actualizing your style as an adult can be a very daunting task. Many find it to be very scary, and this isn’t unreasonable. People obsess over perception whether they admit or not, and being conscious about how you present is a very natural thing. In that context, being obsessed with your style only benefits you. Taking the time to curate a style that flows well with your personality, comfort, and lifestyle will elevate you in ways you don’t even realize.

There is a fine line though of where this obsession with style can become dangerous. Ever heard of materialism? This is something that some say is crippling the gay community one fashion at a time. While I disagree with that point in that extremity,  I do think there is conversation to be had about balance and appropriateness in relation to style and fashion. 

Don’t lose yourself in the sea of style. Learn how to swim, and cultivate a taste in clothes that is not only unique to you, but true to who you really are. 

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