Can Jesus be Sexy?

Can Jesus be Sexy?

By Helmut Lucero Domagalski

As I spoke with our recent guest Joshua Noblitt after our recording, he agreed that the implication of a Sexy Jesus was as disturbing to many as a Gay Christian. Somehow, we still aren’t certain if the association is too provocative or if it’s simply sacrilegious.

When I posted the episode and carefully selected imagery to a few LGBTQ Christian groups on Facebook, one can imagine the responses and how they varied.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter … 


Sexuality is an inherent part of our experience, and that’s a GOOD thing. Many faiths preach and teach a great deal about shame connected to sex whether straight or gay. There are some good reasons for this. 


Being the father of three, I’m very aware that children result from the act of sex.  Lifelong and life changing, my children are some of the greatest joys of my life. 

This is a good thing! 

However if we aren’t careful or more responsible as sexual beings, having children – and especially at a young age – could be a very bad thing. Traditionally women understand this far more than men. 

  1. Because a woman’s biochemistry and psychology are innately more connected to children-  compared to men – and many women also seem to have a keener sense about broader consequences; and
  2. Because women often get “stuck holding the bag,” a savvy woman will want a husband or a partner who is built for the long haul. Raising a child alone is super tough.  

So, it’s practical to caution our youth regarding what can be strong and compelling desires, but the shame association coming from religions can ruin what is natural and joyful. One CAN argue that this challenge is mitigated with modern options for abortion, but I would strongly encourage women and men to weigh this option carefully – as for many there is a bonding that can occur quickly with a newly forming life.  For most Queer folk, this simply isn’t an issue.


A very practical fact, diseases associated with sex have been recorded during antiquity and in the middle ages and have continued to progress thru time. We do know that in the USA these rates increased most alarmingly in the 1960s and as “free love” dominated social culture and culminated with the global HIV AIDS crisis.

In our modern times, and with the improvements in lifespan for those with HIV AIDS, and even the evolution of PREP – it is tempting to rule this challenge out – but indeed, there are many dangerous strands of STDs that continue to exist and alarming rates of growth in HIV AIDS – especially in the Southern USA.

But again one COULD argue that we have more options here than ever, and as many prove over and over, one can be far more active than ever before in history without the same risk levels.  Using the appropriate precaution and such, engaging in health sex is much more of a reality.

Sexy Jesus


I think the final reality which exists for any of us is the reality that too much of anything good … is simply too much.  Too much exercise, too much self-analysis, too much food, too much worry, too much work, too much relaxation, too much sex.  People must take care, I believe, to live a balanced and productive life.

There are also healthy agreements that couples must come to around the boundaries of what they will accept together.  This exists in many areas like finances, but especially in intimacy and sex.  We are silly as humans to deny that sex, beyond just child bearing, can connect humans in meaningful ways that can enable and support depth in communication and bonding that are healthy for the human experience as people choose to journey this life together.

In our episode, we learned what compulsive behavior is when applied to sexuality.  For many queers, they have built up shame around their sexuality from a society that does not embrace our sexuality. This is what makes being queer challenging. We can get caught up in the extremes of a strongly lacking interest or an excessive interest in sex because we can get caught up in shame that frankly – should not be impressed upon us.

If you are a queer person that grew up in a religious, sex-shaming environment, you may have a double-dose of shame.

It is not mine or anyone else’s to judge your sexual behavior, but it is absolutely YOUR responsibility to own your sexual behavior and consider its consequences for possibly YOU – your children, your health, and your mental health.

Jesus and any other humans absolutely have a sexual aspect to their being of some sort.  It is part of the human experience (despite asexual and other non-sexual members of our human community).

It is my hope that we can continue to break down sex shame not only in our religious institutions but also society at large.   We must balance a healthy sex positivity with a realistic protection of ourselves. Balance is everything

Be You, Be Bold, Be Sexy, Be Gay

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