A Dose of Queer Culture with Abby Drue

A Dose of Queer Culture with Abby Drue

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Queer Culture – something we don’t give enough of our attention to frequently enough. This culture, these stories, this rich history is the reason why are who we are today. It is why we can have conversations about equality and not fear for our lives for living in our truth. Meet Abby Drew – a pioneer in the fight for defending queer culture.

She is someone who words cannot describe. Meeting her was an experience we will never forget. She touched our souls with her stories of Queer ATL in the 60’s & 70’s, and her perspective is priceless because a lot this accounts were lost due to the AIDS epidemic that rocked our community. These stories are so valuable because they are few and far between. 

This week on the dose, your heart will be touched. Let this push you towards making Pride month nothing short of awe inspiring!


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