A Dose of Jamaican Pride with Maurice Tomlinson

A Dose of Jamaican Pride with Maurice Tomlinson

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Maurice Tomlinson gave us a clear picture of what life is like for queer people outside of our priviledged bubble in America. It is one plagued with tragedy, heartache, strife, and more. And not only are adults dealing with this, it is being pushed onto the precious lives of children who are still finding their way in the world. 

Speaking about Pride from the Jamaican lens isn’t littered with mentions of parades and circuit parties, but one shuttered by religion from an angle so violent that most of us couldn’t even fathom. Being battered for dancing in a way deemed inappropriate, or being heard having sex. Death potentially being the consequence for these actions, without much proof, is the reality of many in Jamaica and other island nations like. 

Maurice, an esteemed lawyer and professor who now resides in Canada, takes us on a journey that uncovers these stories and exposes us to a world we too often give too little of our attention to. This dose is one that we ALL need to take!

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