A Dose of Gay Business

A Dose of Gay Business

This week we meet the wonderful Chris Lugo! He is the director of OutGeorgia, proud advocate of embracing sexuality in the workplace, husband of 17 years and beyond that, a fabulous gay person who is the embodiment of the what TGD is all about.

Being gay is something that should always be full circle, and you shouldn’t have to switch up your existence for the sole purpose of getting ahead at work. A future with companies that celebrate LGBTQ+ as a norm is most ideal. We are fighting for this to become a more common idea, and with Chris Lugo’s hard work, we are sure to get there.

Listen in to learn about all things Chris Lugo and why being gay is possible, even at work! 


OutGeorgia workplace listing: https://outgeorgia.org/list/

AntiGay Corporations: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/anti-gay-companies_n_4110344

Metro Atlanta Associate of Professionals: https://maapatl.org/

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