A Dose of Gay at Work

A Dose of Gay at Work

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

9 to 5 – or the struggle to thrive? Being gay at work can be one of the most difficult things to come to terms with in an adult, gay journey. Some people feel afraid to embrace their sexuality due to the unknowns that it may cause for their respective career paths – and others are plagued with the fact that losing a job is a matter or life or death in a sustainable fashion. 

The other side of this conversation is about how we need to progress as a nation so that gay people everywhere can feel protected and safe enough to live their most authentic lives not only at work, but everywhere they exist. As a society we have so much work to do and the journey has just begun. LGBTQ+ protections in the workplace are only the beginning to this journey and we’re excited to see the progress that is to be made. 


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