A Dose of Coming Out

A Dose of Coming Out 

Welcome to The Gayly Dose! 

This episode is one that is so important to the journey’s of gay people everywhere. This is a topic that is not only hard, but crucial to the framework of who we are as individuals for the rest of our lives. Each story is unique, varied, and emotional in nature, but in the long term, usually helps relieve a lot of stress that is suppressed for so long.

Our stories are as funny as they are raw and real. Each one opening up a can of worms that most people would want to abandon after it happens. But, inspiration and visibility are so important and we would hope that hearing these stories would more than inspire anyone who is struggling with coming out. 

Know that there is a brighter future for you and let us be that example for you. You are loved and you are more than cherished. 


Suicide Prevention


The Trevor Project




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