Articles written by our cast or crew that aren’t specific to an episode of the podcast.

  • Musing on Fetishes with Perspective

    Musing on Fetishes with Perspective by Helmut Domagalski Fetishes and kinks, as evidenced by the observed world, are naturally occurring and represent yet another way in which we humans can […]

  • Musing on Gender

    Musing on Gender By Helmut Domagalski Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be raised as a child, with nothing but absolute encouragement to express what comes […]

  • Reflection on Jamaica Pride

    Reflection on Jamiaca Pride By Bennett Schnyder The last Presidential Administration here in the States left many gays feeling excluded, unseen, or, worse, discriminated against. We saw policy after policy […]

  • Fashion Talk

    Fashion Talk By Dante Adonis Rhodes I’m a world full of flaunters and faux pas, people search everyday to find where they fall on the fashion spectrum. Style, taking it […]

  • Motivation to Masturbate

    Motivation to Masturbate By Bennett Schnyder Can changing your masturbation habits help expand your dating pool? This week’s guest on The Gayly Dose thinks so! The gay dating pool is […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day By Dante Adonis Rhodes As you all heard in our episodes about motherhood, you know how important a bond between a mother and her child can be. […]

  • Gay Business Man

    Gay Business

    Gay Business By Helmut Lucero Domagalski The realities of starting and operating a business on your own can be a daunting task for anyone.  They certainly were for me – […]

  • nude man


    Nudity By Bennett Schnyder In the US, nudity is widely regarded as taboo and wrong. But when you take a look around the world, nudity is normalized to a degree […]

  • Sexy Jesus

    Can Jesus be Sexy?

    Can Jesus be Sexy? By Helmut Lucero Domagalski As I spoke with our recent guest Joshua Noblitt after our recording, he agreed that the implication of a Sexy Jesus was as disturbing […]

  • Living your best Lifestyle

    Living your best Lifestyle By Dante Rhodes When you think of the word ‘lifestyle’, what are some things that come to mind? For me, I think career, finances, leisure, traveling, […]