Author: Helmut Domagalski

  • A Dose of Motivation

    A Dose of Motivation Welcome to The Gayly Dose This week the Dose meets the writer and motivational speaker Britt East, Author of “A Gay Man’s Guide to Life”.  Britt […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day By Dante Adonis Rhodes As you all heard in our episodes about motherhood, you know how important a bond between a mother and her child can be. […]

  • A Dose of Gay Mama

    A Dose of Gay Mama Welcome to The Gayly Dose  Oh, Mama! Or should I say Mawmaaa? This week on The Gayly Dose is about all things motherly. But with […]

  • Gay Business Man

    Gay Business

    Gay Business By Helmut Lucero Domagalski The realities of starting and operating a business on your own can be a daunting task for anyone.  They certainly were for me – […]

  • Out Georgia

    A Dose of Gay Business

    A Dose of Gay Business This week we meet the wonderful Chris Lugo! He is the director of OutGeorgia, proud advocate of embracing sexuality in the workplace, husband of 17 […]

  • Steve Hightower

    A Dose of Gay Hairstylist

    A Dose of Gay Hairstylist Welcome to The Gayly Dose  Meet Steve Hightower. He is a hair stylist extraordinaire and philanthropist in Atlanta who is passionate about making the world […]

  • A Dose of Nudity

    A Dose of Nudity Welcome to The Gayly Dose  Let’s get nude! This week at The Gayly Dose, the conversation is all about nudity in nature. Take those clothes off, […]

  • Sexy Jesus

    Can Jesus be Sexy?

    Can Jesus be Sexy? By Helmut Lucero Domagalski As I spoke with our recent guest Joshua Noblitt after our recording, he agreed that the implication of a Sexy Jesus was as disturbing […]

  • Sexy Jesus

    A Dose of Sexy Jesus

    A Dose of Sexy Jesus Welcome to The Gayly Dose  Religion is something everyone has a relationship with and whether active or inactive, it is something that is beyond prevalent […]

  • Living your best Lifestyle

    Living your best Lifestyle By Dante Rhodes When you think of the word ‘lifestyle’, what are some things that come to mind? For me, I think career, finances, leisure, traveling, […]