Main episodes of the podcast

  • A Dose of Perspective

    A Dose of Perspective Patrick Mizelle is a delightful, engaging man that shares what life is like on the verge of 69 and gay!  Whether discussing retirement, savings, romance, widowhood, […]

  • A Dose of Fetishes

    A Dose of Fetishes Join us with Brandon Kennedy, therapist and owner of the Reegür app, and therapist Jonathan Standish, who both specialize in kink and fetish, as we discuss […]

  • A Dose of Gender

    A Dose of Gender Diane Crow and Christi Harold are two women who have come to love their feminine selves.  One a trans woman; the other a cross dresser – […]

  • A Dose of Joining Heart

    A Dose of Joining Hearts Jerry Henderson – gay, father, black, and 7-year president of Joining Hearts, has uniquely led from his intersection one of our very important Atlanta organizations […]

  • A Dose of Fur Babies

    Vet friend Charlie Rehm and Atlanta sweetheart CJ Casteel join the Dose to talk about their love of everything pet. While just a dog to some, understand how much gayly […]

  • A Dose of Politics

    A Dose of Politics Openly gay elected state representatives Sam Park (10th district) and Matthew Wilson (80th district) and appointed Atlanta director of LGBTQ+ affairs Malik Brown share their perspectives […]

  • A Dose of Todrick Hall

    A Dose of Todrick Hall Todrick Hall shares his challenges and dreams at the intersection of “not just gay, not just black, but just human.” Understand how too easily we […]

  • A Dose of Daddy Issues

    A Dose of Daddy Issues The range and style of relationships within the gay community that play on the familial is extensive. We are joined by dear friend to the […]

  • A Dose of Proud Dad

    A Dose of Proud Dad There is something so rewarding about reflecting back upon our past, to understand with more clarity our future. Meet Jeff Ellis – father to a […]

  • A Dose of Jamaican Pride with Maurice Tomlinson

    A Dose of Jamaican Pride with Maurice Tomlinson Welcome to The Gayly Dose  Maurice Tomlinson gave us a clear picture of what life is like for queer people outside of […]