A Dose of Proud Dad

A Dose of Proud Dad

There is something so rewarding about reflecting back upon our past, to understand with more clarity our future. Meet Jeff Ellis – father to a gay son and to many of Atlanta gays and beyond by way of his testimony and walk. Jeff shares with the Gayly Dose how he came to terms with his son at a time in the late 90s when there simply weren’t roadmaps in the deep South for doing so.

Jeff, along with his wife Patti, built a new path for their family that led them to taking residence here in the heart of Midtown, taking pen to paper in articles they published and a website where both of them told their stories and took questions and coached others when nothing of its kind was to be found online.

Jeff with Patti and their son Adam the day marriage was legalized

Jeff and his family have happily done their part to make our rainbow community a better place for each of us today. This is the kind of man, they kind of father- that we need more of, and that we can absolutely strive to be like as we model a future for ourselves that we can indeed be proud of. Enjoy Dolls!

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