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  • Fashion Talk

    Fashion Talk By Dante Adonis Rhodes I’m a world full of flaunters and faux pas, people search everyday to find where they fall on the fashion spectrum. Style, taking it […]

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day As we arrive on the cusp of what could be called a ‘Great Racial Awakening’ within our country, America, it would be negligent to speak […]

  • Meet Dante

    Meet the Cast: Danté Rhodes It’s time to meet the cast! Want to know more about our cast member DANTE!  Scroll a little further and I’m sure you’ll love finding […]

  • What’s to Come

    What’s to Come Welcome to the Gayly Post, your go-to blog destination for ALL things The Gayly Dose. Here at the Gayly Post, not only will you be able to […]