Meet Dante

Meet the Cast: Danté Rhodes

It’s time to meet the cast! Want to know more about our cast member DANTE!  Scroll a little further and I’m sure you’ll love finding out more about who he really is! #BeyondTheMic

If not ATL, which city in the world would you want to live in?

Newport Beach, California! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion. Beyond that though, it’s very conducive to raising a gay family which something I worry about. 

Have you ever had best friend drama?

Yes but in some cases it was necessary because it forces you to create new boundaries that you would usually avoid by acting as if things didn’t happen. They also help strengthen bonds when you have to tough it out. 

If you were president of the USA, what would be your first big piece of legislature?

I’d overhaul our social security programs in coordination with tax reform. Balance between socialism and capitalism is important and until they are balanced, we’re going to continue to have this level of economic disparity. 

Have you ever been featured in the news?

Yes I have; speaking about underage substance abuse prevention! 

Do you have pets?

For the longest time I hated dogs but something has changed this year and I really want one. 

What food do you love the most?

Cheese but I have recently developed an intolerance to lactose so that’s very upsetting. 

How many countries have you been to?

Yikes, Just the USA…..

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Extrovert in social settings; Introvert with my closest circle. 

Favorite Vacation Destination: beach, mountain or city? What are your favorite things to do?

Mountains all day! It’s just so serene and almost irreplaceable for what you get! The best combo of cute and butch + a hottub with a view.

Pick one, cheat or be cheated on?

Cheated On – As long as my bills are paid honey! LOL. I expand on this during one of the forthcoming episodes. 

The perfect job or the perfect relationship?

The perfect relationship; having a stable life partner can ease the overall quality of life that so many people struggle with finding. 

What is your ultimate goal in life? 

To be a great father one day! Hopefully sooner rather than later, I want some babies. #BabyFever

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