The First Dose

The First Dose 

Welcome to The Gayly Dose! 

You’ve seen us on social media, heard about us in these streets, and read about us in the Georgia Voice – now it is time to truly understand what all the hype is about! We finally made it to air. 

The First Dose – an episode built around understanding who we are, what we stand for, and why we do this. Our quirks make us unique but together, make something so magical and so unequivocal to what society will deem as enough. Listen and you will hear about Dante’s drive to inspire his generation to change the world, Helmut’s passion about expanding his gay sphere, Bennet’s desire to elevate his own experiences, and Stuart’s mission to help that one, younger, special boy who is on the cusp of changing his destiny forever. 

Welcome, Dolls, to our fabulous gay family.








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