A Dose of Trans Woman with Avery

A Dose of Trans Woman with Avery

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

The trans story is one that transcends the confines of the sexuality spectrum which most recently has gotten the most pomp and circumstance. We, as an LGBTQ+ society, have the privilege of uplifting our brothers and sisters in not only their journey’s, but pioneers of fighting for the rights of all of us.

Avery is no different, she is someone that vital to LGBTQ+ community in ATL, just as we all are. She emboldens confidence in everyone she meets, and her energy perpetuates the confidence that a cis-normative society so often tries to ignore.

The Gayly Dose is a proud support of our trans brothers and sisters, and we recognize them for their achievements, not only in our community, but in their own lives for being so brave to truly be themselves. 


Resources for Trans Women:


Additional Resources on Misconceptions and Experiences




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