A Dose of Straight Men

A Dose of Straight Men

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

Straight men have always been a hot topic in the gay community – some of us fetishsize them, some of us hate them, and others of us simply don’t give them any thought. This provides for a very thought provoking conversation about privilege, trauma, and other experiences that shape a gay man’s perspective on the cisgendered straight male community.

In this episode, we come to terms with our own individual ideas about straight men. There are those that really trigger certains conversations that are sometimes uncomfortable to have, but there are also experiences that really move society in a forward direction – we are very thankful for them! 

When it comes to taking a Dose of Straight Men, make sure you have a chaser because this one might be a tough one to swallow! 


Breaking the Male Code – Book


Gay Men and Straight Men as Friends


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