A Dose of Sexy Jesus

A Dose of Sexy Jesus

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

Religion is something everyone has a relationship with and whether active or inactive, it is something that is beyond prevalent in the south. Previously, we recorded an episode about religion and shared our own thoughts, experiences, and opinions. This time around we invited a pastor to speak on religion … oh, and did we mention that he’sgay? 

This week’s episode is uber inspiring due to it’s taboo nature. Anything taboo is most likely familiar to someone. Furthermore, visibility can move mountains for those who feel alone or discouraged to be themselves in different environments. For a lot of people in the world, being gay and being close to God coexist as an oxymoron. Living life as such can be an added pressure along with all of life’s other stressors. 

If this is something you struggle with, hearing Joshua’s story may be the light in your darkness. Listen … and seek inspiration! 


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