A Dose of Masc and Fem

A Dose of Masc and Fem

Welcome to the Gayly Dose! 

Masculinity, Femininity, and their intersectionality are so important to our community and it’s forward motion. Some people leave more to one or the other, and there are those who lie in the middle; what is most important is that these preferences are respected and accepted.

In this episode we have an honest conversation about our own experiences that define us within these bounds – masculinity & femininity. We all have journey’s that are unique to us exhibiting certain characteristics and us accepting them at certain, very pivotal, points in our lives really shape how we act as an adult. 

Never lose sight of who you are – own it, love it, and don’t falter on it. 




The Mask You Live In

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RuPaul on wearing a suit

Rupaul on Wearing a Suit

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