A Dose of Gay Health

A Dose of Gay Health

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Health is something that easily gets looked over in the lives queer people everywhere. Whether it’s knowing your status or keeping up with your blood pressure, we too often let the most important thing in life, health, fall to the wayside.

Bringing attention to these things and more allows for those queer people to think about the last time checked out these things for themselves. The better your health, the better everyone else’s is in your community. One slip up can affect your life permanently and most people fail to actualize.

This week on the Gayly Dose we joined by two medical professionals, Dr. T.C. Elliot and a Physician’s Assistant by name of Jeremiah Robinson. Listen in to get a dose of education. 


Gay/ Bi-Sexual Men Health:

HPV and Men:

Mental Health of Gay Men:

Anal Cancer:

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  1. Tony

    Thanks for the very informative episode! I’ve been looking for an LGBTQI-friendly/knowledgeable practitioner in my area for years. Are there any referral lists for those outside Atlanta?

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