A Dose of Expectations with Tevin Wooten

A Dose of Expectation with Tevin Wooten

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

And now to Tevin with the weather! Everyone meet our fabulous guest, Tevin Wooten! He is a wonderl and who, despite the odds, rose above his tribulations and is thriving as a gay meteroligist in Atlanta.

While his story isn’t one that goes without is own hiccups, he is thankful that he didn’t face the pressures so many gay youth confront. He points to his personal obstacles and expectations to build a life for himself of which he is most proud. 

Too often we let the pressure from others place us in a box or prevent us from doing what is best for our situation. There is beauty in independence. This isn’t as far off as one might think. Simply listen  to Tevin’s story and hear just how real it is! 

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