A Dose of Drag with Edie Cheezburger

A Dose of Drag with Edie Cheezburger

Welcome to The Gayly Dose 

Drag – One word, several interpretations and even more actualizations when it comes to how it affects the development of queer people everywhere. Something as simple as seeing a drag queen in a local bar for the first time or watching RuPaul on LOGOtv after your family goes to bed, has such an effect on how we grow into who we are now.

Edie is the embodiment of confidence, wit and charisma. All of these being things we wish we could accomplish as individuals. Her story is one that is beyond incredible and the visibility of who she is does nothing short of inspiring people to live in their truth.

Life’s for the living and being who you are is crucial to how we advance as a society going forward. Don’t be afraid to make a change and live boldly. You never know who you will inspire. 


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