Values: Excellence and Gayness

Excellence and Gayness

The Gayly Dose is a brand –  behind a few gay voices –  that embodies two effervescent qualities: Excellence & Gayness. They are vital to us not only as we execute our mission but as we inspire change in the world around us. While we do have other adjectives that capture who we are as a collective, we are highlighting these because they mean that much to us. 

Keep reading to get a better look at what these values mean to us!


By definition, excellence means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. This is so broad and not specific at all. For us, we like to define ourselves by a more distinct take on the word excellent. To us, excellence goes beyond talking about being perfect, better than the rest, or without error. It is truly embracing the faults in all of the points previously stated and making the best of them with what you have. What do we have at TGD? Simple: YOU! Our Dolls keep us excellent. Without a chosen family, we would be little less found and lost would be an understatement to define how we’d feel in attempting to execute our mission. 

Being excellent is less about being the best apple in the tree; it is about being the right garden to bear fruit. No matter how big or small the yield, the fact that there’s a harvest is a sign that what you’ve accomplished is excellent!


Some might say that this goes without saying, but that is not true. There is something very powerful about owning your gay experience, and this being something that numerous gay people struggle with while navigating their life. Gayness is unique in the world! We exist in our own intersectional sphere within the world. We are full of culture, love, family, art, expression  ,,, and the list goes on. Without acknowledging the thing that unites us – the gay experience – we are doing a disservice to what we can accomplish as a united front in the future.

It’s in our name – The Gayly Dose – for a reason! We are proudly gay.

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