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Meet the Cast: Stuart Terrell

It’s time to meet the cast! Want to know more about our Co-Host Stuart? Scroll a little further and I’m sure you’ll love finding out more about who he really is! #BeyondTheMic

If not ATL, which city in the world would you want to live in?

Berlin!  I love art and nightlife. There is an actual museum island there and even their public parks have amazing art that moves you. I have never had the patience to wait in line for any venue in my life as I did for the EDM Club Berghain and it was so amazingly worth it. This is a club where the doormen look you up and down and pull folks out of line that they don’t think are a good match. It was unnerving. I acted as if I were bored as hell and apparently it did the trick. If you love to dance, don’t leave Berlin without going to Berghain.

Have you ever had best friend drama? 

Yes, gross breach of confidence. I went through a personal issue and spoke at length with my friend which was cathartic at the time. He decided that it made perfect sense to share that juicy morsel with someone who can’t hold water and all of a sudden you feel like you’re a 14- year-old girl named Nancy who plays the clarinet in the junior high marching band with acne and a Dorito stuck in her braces.

If you were President of the USA, what would be your first big piece of legislation?

To put certain members of our current administration into cages at the border and ask them if they feel like they are at camp. That or have all persons named Dante hop on a bus bound for Seattle whilst sitting between a horned up Lindsay Graham who is eager to show his lady bug that “THE BEST IS YET TO COME,” bitch! And an open bar directly across from their seats which is also next to the one bathroom for the 35-person vehicle. All of that or immediately take measures to eradicate this pandemic and begin seamlessly converting those who work in the oil industry into jobs that harness natural energies such as solar and wind to be used by the consumer.

Have you ever been featured in the news? 

No, but I probably will be very soon as the POTUS election results will be contested and we will witness a good ol’ fashioned coup d’etat attempt which will include Putin in some capacity.

Do you have pets? 

Yes, two dogs named Cooper & Roary. Mistreat them (or any animal) and I will whittle a bar of Dial soap into a shank and repeatedly stab you in the balls.

What food do you love the most? 

Pizza. And Greek. But not Greek Pizza.

How many countries have you been to?  

This is a good question. I had to write them all down. I have been to 17 countries. Next I would like to go to Iceland as I want to be best friends with Bjork because 1) I love her; and 2) I am curious of what she smells like. You know you want to know too.

Are you an extrovert or introvert?


Favorite Vacation Destination: beach, mountain or city are your favorite things to do? 

City. Although the best vacation I’ve ever been on was to the beaches of the Maldives off the coast of India to celebrate Curt’s birthday.

Pick one, cheat or be cheated on? 

Either/Or. I’m versatile.

The perfect job or the perfect relationship?  

The perfect relationship. If your true answer is the perfect job then #funfact – you suck as POTUS.

What is your ultimate goal in life?  

To leave it just a tiny bit better than the way I found it upon entrance. Without having to commit murder along the way is preferred.

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