A Dose of Aging

A Dose of Aging

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Age is such a hot topic in the gay community. It is something that is inevitable, and many struggle with the idea of aging. When you look at it from a social perspective it makes sense to some that you may not want to live your life with people 20+ years your senior. And from the perspective of someone in their 30’s who feels like they haven’t accomplished much; this is a scary reality for some.

But with anything, it isn’t all bad nor if it was one-sided in nature. With aging comes maturing in behavior and the gaining of knowledge, especially in the long-term scheme of things. There is also bias to address and how it can affect your dating/love life. We tackle all of these issues and more on this week’s episode of The Gayly Dose. 

Are you scared of what your future holds?


The Changing World of Gay Men – by Peter Robinson


Gay Men’s Working Lives, Retirement and Old Age – by Palgrave Macmillan



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